"Nancy is an amazing person. I've always been a skeptic. If it couldn't be reproduced in a laboratory, it didn't have any validity, I believed. Then I met Nancy and she amazed me with the depth of her insight, some of which could not be explained without extra-sensory information. She helped me through some very difficult times, for which I am extremely grateful. I highly recommend her."

--Daniel, in Virginia

"Nancy is a wonderful and light filled healer with a grasp of the interconnection between the spiritual, the physical, and all things in between. The binding element to her work is her compassionate caring and true love and passion for her calling in life. I have personally received healing work from Nancy. Deep, effective and enlightening care that has supported my greater well being. Her insights, sharp intuition and loving presence are a gift to humanity and a herald of the calling we should all heed.

--Scott K Smith

"Nancy is able to lift the parts of a person out and away for examination while never doing harm, as if guided by some form of Hippocratic Oath. Using logic, common sense, and energy intuition, she divines the knotty parts of a problem and illuminates the darkness with her wisdom. Neither does she shrink from asking the difficult questions. I have tremendous admiration, respect, and love for her. My life has been permanently changed for the better having known her and met her."

--Andy, in Minnesota

"Before my first session with Nancy, tears were very near the surface. By my next session, the tears cleared away and I felt something happening in my right foot. Even though I hadn't mentioned my sprained ankle, an angel worked on it during the session. The next night that foot broke out in hives and itched a lot. Now it's back to normal, and I can walk without pain! I would recommend Nancy's work to anyone who is open to healing. I felt a strong connection and hope to have more sessions."

--Barb, St. Louis

"I was struggling for balance between a full-time job, pursuing a masters degree, and raising teenagers--juggling. Working with Nancy helped me find peace and serenity, mindfulness. Perhaps best of all, Nancy helped me discover creative tools that have improved my relationship with my teenage son. I have a new, purposeful way of relating to him. I feel like I'm caring for and nurturing his Soul in a very effective way that he no longer feels is intrusive."

--Priscilla, LCSW/School Administrator

"Nancy is a gifted master energy shifter. She possesses a rare gift of intuiting energetic discord in the human energy field. Her artful talent of 'inner sight' allows her to assess the energetic balance stressors in the nervous system creating a powerful shift of restoration. After receiving an attunement from Nancy I am filled with a sense of peace, calm and an inner glow. Remarkable!"

Annie-Devi Wetterer, Feng Shui Master, Energy Specialist for Personal & Environmental Fields, Business Owner

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