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Are you feeling stuck? Out of sorts? Ready to release what blocks your way?

Do you want to grow beyond worn-out patterns and habits? Try on a new perspective?

Come to Lucid Healing to open your mind, clear your energy and let go of what no longer serves you. Come back for the sense of calm, clarity, relaxation and release.

As your personal truth unfolds, clarity of mind and energy promote your highest health and well-being. We each know what is best for our self. Sometimes, we just need a little help getting clear.

Offering the transformational experience of Angelic Reiki, the healing energy of Usui Reiki, energy clearing, coaching, and intuitive impressions, Lucid Healing supports your journey into truth.

Journey with ease and grace. Lucid Healing. Yours for the asking.

I'm ready for Lucid Healing...


"Nancy is a gifted master energy shifter. She possesses a rare gift of intuiting energetic discord in the human energy field. Her artful talent of 'inner sight' allows her to assess the energetic balance stressors in the nervous system creating a powerful shift of restoration. After receiving an attunement from Nancy I am filled with a sense of peace, calm and an inner glow. Remarkable!"

--Annie-Devi Wetterer, Feng Shui Master, Energy Specialist for Personal & Environmental Fields, Business Owner

"I was struggling for balance between a full-time job, pursuing a masters degree, and raising teenagers--juggling. Working with Nancy helped me find peace and serenity, mindfulness. Perhaps best of all, Nancy helped me discover creative tools that have improved my relationship with my teenage son. I have a new, purposeful way of relating to him. I feel like I'm caring for and nurturing his Soul in a very effective way that he no longer feels is intrusive."

--Priscilla, LCSW/School Administrator

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